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Serum & Protein Fractionation Facility Missoula, MT

RMBIO’s state-of-the-art serum and protein fractionation facility located in Missoula, Montana uses proprietary extraction and purification methods based on forty years of proven processes to produce protein fractions and filtered sera. The primary products manufactured in our Missoula facility include a complete line of animal sera, including FBS, calf, porcine, and equine serum, as well as serum treatments including Low IgG Stripping and Gamma Irradiation. The purpose-built Missoula labs are also where we create RMBIO’s proprietary FBS alternative Fetalgro and cell culture supplement Lipogro Bovine Cholesterol Concentrate; two products that dramatically reduce costs and match or improve FBS’ performance.

All of our Missoula biomanufacturing systems are designed to ensure product integrity and demonstrate reliability and consistency. Every single product batch is tracked from start to finish under a comprehensive quality system designed to guarantee a consistent, premium end product. That meticulous attention to quality and traceability earned RMBIO an ISIA traceability certification in 2014.

High Purity Water Production Facility West Jordan, UT

Due to growing market demand, RMBIO expanded our presence, capacity, and capabilities with a 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility in West Jordan, Utah. The current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) approved facility is focused solely on manufacturing the highest quality purified water and water products for scientific research and bioprocessing. The facility was custom-designed and built to our exact specifications, allowing us to employ the most recent developments and innovation in our industry; including a seven step, cutting-edge purification system. RMBIO is also utilizing single-use systems that have revolutionized biomanufacturing practices, and deliver the highest levels of quality assurance for your process solution needs.

The new leading edge facility is capable of producing over 50,000 liters of purified water during a single day of operation, so our customers can expect short lead times for filling important, time-sensitive orders. This increased capacity, combined with RMBIO’s unwavering commitment to service, means our customers can continue to expect complete responsiveness - no matter how complex an order is.

Building a completely new, separate facility in Utah that focuses solely on water products ensures there is zero chance of cross-contamination with animal-derived sera or protein fractions on site. Separating our Missoula protein fractions and sera facility from our West Jordan water products facility also ensures our skilled team of scientists and business experts can focus on the product lines they know best.