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We pioneered an industry. Learn how we'll help you pioneer yours.

When you're looking for consistent results, Rocky Mountain Biologicals can provide the cell culture media and supplements that will help you succeed. RMBIO produces protein fractions, sera, and other cell culture supplements for a variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, diagnostic, animal health, and cosmetic uses.

Based in Missoula, Montana, the experienced RMBIO staff works in a state-of-the-art facility. In addition to supplying industry standard products, Rocky Mountain Biologicals works closely with our clients to develop custom materials.

RMBIO's founders include V. K. Daniel, a pioneer in the field. His experience along with the experience and dedication of the entire scientific staff, has allowed Rocky Mountain Biologicals to develop industry leading products and techniques. Our customers can expect consistently high quality materials that deliver results. RMBIO sets high standards for collection and production methodology and rigorously controls each step in the process.

Since formation in 2004, RMBIO has reached several important milestones starting with the construction and commissioning of a state-of-the-art, industrial scale manufacturing facility that uses the highest quality raw materials for product manufacturing. Today RMBIO continues to deliver on the original vision by strengthening the capabilities of the facility and expanding the portfolio of product and services. We are an active member of the Missoula Vaccine Partnership and seek ways in which our business can contribute to the growth and transformation of the economy of western Montana. Looking forward, we see RMBIO as a key member of the expanding family of biotechnical companies in the Northern Rocky Mountain region and beyond.

Rocky Mountain Biologicals gathers raw materials from a variety of sources. We have access to both domestic (US-based) and Australia and New Zealand based bovine herds. We also offer a unique porcine product sourced from organic swine herds. In addition to working through our own channels to collect raw materials, we work with clients who may wish to supply their own sources.

RMBIO is uniquely positioned to offer you standard protein fraction and serum products in high volumes and to work with you to develop custom materials to match your exact specifications.