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RMBIO Lipogro FBS Supplement and Substitute


Lipogro lipoprotein solution is the industry-leading cell culture supplement or FBS substitute. Lipogro increases your cell culture media effectiveness while reducing your operating costs. Learn more →
RMBIO Protein Fractions

Protein Fractions

We are the world's leading supplier of protein supplements using the safest and highest quality raw materials. Learn more →


Our serum products are manufactured using stringent process controls with audited and fully traceable sources. Learn more →
RMBIO Water For Injection - WFI

Water For Injection

USP and EP grade purified water rendered specifically for scientific applications. Learn more →
RMBIO Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We have the capability and expertise of meeting your custom specifications and the flexibility to produce custom solutions for you. Learn more →
Rocky Mountain Biologicals Samples


Our products will improve the performance of your science. Our samples will tell you the same thing. Grab some now. Request a sample →